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Ces message ont été inscrits sur le mur qui sépare les Palestiniens du reste du monde. On a pensé qu’on pouvait utiliser l’humour de Faceommek pour contribuer à la cause Palestinienne a travers l’argent versé à une association caritative pour le faire.

On voudrait écrire un autre message sur le mur, et on voudrait que ce soit un message de tous les tunisiens de Faceommek au peuples palestiniens! Aidez nous en suggérant le prochain message … Votez Ici!
Le nouveau message gagnant a été selectionné et sera inscrit sur le mur le 18 Fevrier! Participez a notre prochain vote en suggérant un message sur la page Facelestine! Le message sera le suivant: "Yil3an Face Israel! ElTwensa wou Faceommek Dima m3ak ya Falastine!"


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Commentaire de Olena Peklun le 17 décembre 2014 à 8:05

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Commentaire de EasonCC le 30 septembre 2014 à 7:24

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Commentaire de EasonCC le 30 septembre 2014 à 7:23

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Commentaire de EasonCC le 30 septembre 2014 à 7:22

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Commentaire de Keturah le 27 septembre 2014 à 4:12

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Commentaire de Shan Belina le 23 août 2014 à 9:41
Commentaire de yang ting le 21 août 2014 à 3:12

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Commentaire de lhjtgd le 19 mars 2014 à 8:12
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Commentaire de lhjtgd le 28 février 2014 à 8:17
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Commentaire de lhjtgd le 28 février 2014 à 2:27
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Commentaire de lhjtgd le 27 février 2014 à 2:48
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Commentaire de lhjtgd le 24 février 2014 à 6:03
purchasing a wedding dress, most brides need to contend with preserving and storing the wedding dress. fake rolex watches for women Having a wedding dress rental, all of the bride has to do is select the dress, wear it, and return in inside the allotted time period fake tag heuer watches . She does not even have to be concerned about the dry cleaning. With cautious preparing, expenses could be kept under control along with a stylish wedding achieved for a fraction of this figure. Here are some much more suggestions. 1. Rings Ask your self in the event you truly require to invest thousands on some thing some individuals lose or which wears out and becomes unusable. two. Food Consider creating the food your self, or a minimum of the puddings and starters. Ask at nearby catering colleges if they offer a service; you may still get high quality but at half the cost. Alternatively, ask everybody to bring a dish! The wedding cake neednÂa™t be costly either. Consider creating it your self, or go for a easy sponge. A present trend would be to serve little individual Âa˜cup-cakesÂa™, which are not costly but still appear good. three aigner replica watches. Photography In the event you do go for a expert photographer, make sure youÂa™re particular of the number and kind of prints you would like and ask your self how numerous you truly require. Alternatively, ask a buddy who has an interest in photography, but make certain they"ve a great camera. four. Honeymoon Do you truly require a villa within the Seychelles with each and every conceivable luxury? Honeymoons can add thousands to wedding expenses. Believe of hiring a romantic cottage somewhere within the UK rather. Or make the most of low-cost flights to a European city and attempt to negotiate a great hotel deal (particularly in the event you intend to go out of high season). Alternatively, ask about amongst buddies and family members and see if anybody has a second house you could borrow, or a minimum of rent cheaply fake rolex watches , within the UK or abroad. Bargain, bargain, bargain. You are able to negotiate for every thing, from flowers to the band to the venue. Katie says she got a deal on her dress and also the bridesmaid dresses by buying them from the exact same shop. Cut back on issues that guests will not notice. Carley suggests eliminating a couple of courses from the dinner, limiting the bar by featuring a unique cocktail, or only purchasing flowers which are in season. Do not lose sight of the purpose. The wedding would be to celebrate your relationship, so focus on making a memorable time as opposed to merely a lavish 1.  Posted By on February 19, 21 Just the thought of tropical wedding dresses can bring extraordinary images to mind. Probably the most obvious is really a stunning sandy beach, glowing sunshine and gentle breezes. A tropical wedding dress can mean various issues to various individuals. They"re much more of a really feel instead of a definite style. You might wish to incorporate a number of aspects into your wedding gown. Believe of light and breezy. You would like to have the ability to catch those trade winds. Select light wight fabrics like chiffon, silk, cotton fake rolex watches , gauze, linen or georgette. These fabrics will move effortlessly and be much less most likely to stick to you with hot weather. Also think about the fabric for ease of travel. replica rolex watches for sale In the event you require to fly for your destination wedding, you will require to pack your dress. Choose a fabric which will be much less most

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